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Zhang Qian heard Zhang Yiran said so, also dumb, originally wanted to tell them the idea of buying a camera, and finally decided not to say, to know that this thing will cost hundreds of yuan to buy, to give them know, not sure how to say, so the news or forget it, and so on the camera home, when they want to say it, anyway, things can not be returned. At most, she took more photos for them. While sorting out the books, Zhang Qian suddenly remembered something that could also make money. "Mom, you say, if I go to get some old comic books back, how about setting up a bookstall?" Zhang Qian suddenly remembered that in the later period, the comic strips of the fifties, sixties and even eighties were very valuable, especially those complete sets of Journey to the West and so on. The price was so high that she didn't think of it. She just collected more comic strips and rented them for rent. When these books were valuable, we would sell them for money. You should know that the comic strips at this time are all hand-painted, including some famous paintings. Although we bought the audio-visual version,Whirlpool bathtub, it can also be worth some money. More importantly, it can drive Xiaoyun's family. This is not a small income, and people can easily make money. After Zhang Yiran packed up his books, he sat down and thought about his daughter's idea. He saw it today. How can we stop her from making money? But her daughter just wanted to make money. Zhang Yiran looked at his wife who was also a little silly. He really didn't understand that he and his wife were not people who loved money, let alone absolute literati. Not so love money, that is, so a few years to feel the role of money, but also not so love money ah,jacuzzi suppliers, how to turn daughter like this, Zhang Yiran is really puzzled. After Zhang Qian helped pile up the books, she got up and patted her trouser legs. Then she ran to the bathroom and took the steamed buns out. "You can soak again. There will be something to discuss later." Zhang Qian also did not say with Han Wenyang that there is anything to discuss, so the small steamed stuffed bun to take away. And the little steamed stuffed bun did not cry, because he knew that he was going to drink something delicious. He smiled and waved goodbye to Han Wenyang. The little fat hand stuffed into his mouth and sucked with relish. Zhang Qian felt sick when she looked at it. She quickened her pace and ran to Zhang Yiran's house. Then she quickly stuffed the pacifier into the little steamed stuffed bun's hand. Han Wenyang to Zhang Qian so brainless, really do not know what to discuss so late, is the father-in-law they know they want to buy a camera, they object to it? Han Wenyang felt that there was only such a possibility, otherwise he would object to something. Han Wenyang thought that if the two elders opposed it, it would be a real trouble, but he knew that if his father-in-law insisted on not agreeing to buy a camera, he would not be able to oppose it, especially Zhang Qian, who should also change his mind. Han Wenyang's bath is not comfortable at all, has been thinking about how to persuade his father-in-law, but finally Han Wenyang decided to see what his father-in-law said, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, how to take it. Han Wenyang came to Zhang Yiran's room with a perturbed face. He wanted to see something from the expression on Zhang Qian's face, but he didn't think that his wife had just seen him coming and immediately took the bath utensils and went to the bathroom. This made Han Wenyang hate that in his heart. His wife was really not going to give himself a hint. When Zhang Yiran saw that his son-in-law had taken a bath, he said what they had just discussed in the room, "What do you think of Xiaoqian's idea?" Zhang Yiran thought that it was best for Han Wenyang to disagree, so that even if her daughter insisted, she could be suppressed by the majority, and even if she had Zhang Xu's support, she would not be able to do it. Han Wenyang did not expect his wife to have such an idea, "rent a bookstall?"? Rent comic books? What he thinks is that it doesn't take much to open this capital, but the problem is that it needs someone to guard it. No one in the family will guard it. Otherwise, it's a good business. It costs a penny to read a book. There should be a lot of children coming to read it. They don't have big money, but they still have small money. Besides, there are quite a lot of comic strips in the purchasing station, some of which are quite new.
"Yes, I think Xiaoqian's opinion is not very comprehensive." Zhang Yiran mistakenly thought that Han Wenyang's interrogative sentence was that he did not support Xiaoqian to rent a bookstall. He found an ally, and the tone of his voice was excited. Han Wenyang shook his head. "It's a good idea. I also think it's a good income to open a bookstall." It's not easy to show up in public, and it's not easy for the children around you to read books. It's also a good thing to do yourself, isn't it? Chapter 267 Chapter 267 Zhang Yiran didn't think that his son-in-law would agree with Zhang Qian to do so. If he hadn't noticed the doubts on his face just now, Zhang Yiran really thought that the couple had already discussed it. "The idea is not bad, the income is not bad, and you don't think about it. What do people think of it? Will they cherish the book?" Two college students, unexpectedly do this kind of thing, set up a bookstall, how much money can be earned, Zhang Yiran felt that a little money to earn when to get back the money to buy comic books, besides, people have to guard, those children will read seriously? When the time comes, they give you a rough hand to break the comic book, how can you rent it? Han Wenyang this time is understood, father-in-law is looking for help, for Zhang Yiran's idea, Han Wenyang can only smile bitterly, it seems that he should not have said through Xiaoqian, father-in-law to find their own help, but the problem is that father-in-law has no way to say through Xiaoqian, what can he do, and I also think Xiaoqian this way is good, "in fact, Dad, Xiaoqian and I don't have so much kung fu, but the problem is that there are still pony and his wife. Han Wenyang but looked at their husband and wife that seriously, in order to make money, but even paste paper boxes so meager income are doing, although set up a rental bookstall income is also very meager, but should be more relaxed, and the children around Han Wenyang observed, not less, when the time comes to put the bookstall at the door,hot tub spa manufacturers, or put a sign at the door to indicate that business will begin. But as time goes on, more and more children will know about it, and someone will come to see it. monalisa.com