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To reduce the smell of shoes when wearing shoes, you can wear pure cotton socks, because cotton socks can absorb foot sweat, nylon silk socks because it is chemical fiber is not sweat, not sweat naturally smelly feet. Select Martin boots is the first to see the cortex, with the finger on the surface of Martin boots appropriate force down to press, to see whether the cortex is soft, elastic, press down to loosen, to see whether it can quickly spring up. From this little Dog fashion Kitchen Cheap Bustier maternity movement, we can test whether the cortex is good or bad. Good leather, soft texture, comfortable feel, good elasticity. And the coriaceous with poor quality, feel stiff, elasticity is poor, when pressing in epidermis with finger, bounce speed is slow, epidermis looks darker also. With a soft brush, in the villi surface layer repeated brush wipe