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How to recognize the Lord is a problem, even if you can really recognize the Lord, according to Wei Zheng's words, this magic soldier must be sent back to the town demon tower after use, shallow summer silence must first ask clearly, "We just want to borrow this magic soldier to solve the danger of Chang'an, and do not really want to have it, do not know whether it can be returned later?" Are you playing with me? If Your Majesty can choose you, that is your blessing. You are bound to help Your Majesty fulfill his wish. How can you take it and throw it away? The adjudicator looked at the shallow summer silence with a slight anger in his eyes, and put his sword in his hand again, but hesitated not to start. This thing is really difficult to get up, put down more difficult, shallow summer silence slightly late at the same time is also looking at the clown said, "what do you think?"? Are we going to try and take this thing or not? "If you take it, you will have bad luck or bad luck." Clown tongue twister spit out such a sentence, helplessly looking at shallow summer silence said,gold CIP machine, "there should not be much time to stop here, if other people get the magic soldier, we don't have to worry, but there is no news until now, presumably the people who come up are in trouble.". The dead woman thinks it's better for you to die alone? Or is it better for you to die with so many friends? "Do you need to make a choice?" As for the clown's question, Shallow Summer Silence also imitated his tone to answer. Don't you have a choice? Won the devil, the battle of the four seas is to increase the possibility of winning,Carbon in Pulp, at least others do not have to worry about what will be a huge loss. The clown smiled at the shallow summer silence and said directly to the adjudicator, "Tell me, how can I get the emperor's resentment?" Call the emperor to complain about the name of the place, and confirm this qualification. After all, the adjudicator was already defeated by him. The disparity of strength is great, no matter how many times the result of the battle is the same. Said the Adjudicator, glancing at the Jester's sword. Want to get it. You must get the king's approval. The soldier himself likes you. That's useless. Shallow summer silence also knows. Which of her and the clown is more qualified to get the emperor's complaint, but he doesn't want the trouble to be entangled with the clown. Can't wait to interrupt and say, "How can we get the approval of King Zhou?" One mountain cannot tolerate two tigers. The king recognizes that there will only be one person who is lucky. There are only two people here. It might be more interesting if there were more. There was a faint smile at the corners of the adjudicator's mouth. "Don't look at it at all," said Shallow Summer Silently, looking at the clown. You can get the favor of the magic soldier. Must be predestined with it. But the strong are respected. The king may prefer the strongest one. If either of you can kill the other. Maybe it can be approved by the king. Kill the other side to get recognition. Shallow summer silence how also did not think of this magic soldier to recognize the main conditions would be so. Finding the magic soldier is a troublesome thing. If it wasn't for serendipity. If you really want to find a magic soldier, small gold wash plant ,gold shaking table, you may need many kinds of teammates who cooperate with each other. But the real choice is to fight each other. It's a bit heartless to decide the last person. Fight the Joker. Shallow summer silence has no hope at all. Her bow and arrow were taught by the clown. If the clown really does it. I'm afraid she doesn't even have a chance to shoot an arrow. In order to turn around and wait for people not to suffer unpredictable consequences for this task, this battle is inevitable. Just shallow summer silence said what also do not want to let the clown get this emperor resentment. Became this arrested by the court. Constantly kill the target. Shallow summer silence thinks so. Clowns are naturally the same. But the faint silence of the clown's leisurely smile showed nothing of what he was thinking. Even if you commit suicide, the most competent king I should stop, let me personally kill you seems more difficult. Shallow summer silent silence at the same time, the clown slowly opened his mouth and said, "This magic soldier seems to like me more than you, whether you can get it or not, even if you get it, then you will be hunted down and I will be busy to death.". If I take it, you must be wordy, everyone. If no one can get the magic soldier, you can't bear to see so many people suffer, and I may not be able to keep you under the advantage of the aquarium. There seems to be only one way left now. What is the clown's way? Shallow summer silence does not know, wait for his voice to fall the moment, the dough has appeared in the hands of the clown.
For a long time, the intimacy between the dough and the clown has reached an extremely exaggerated level. The clown only needs to move his mind, and the dough will naturally become what he needs. A three-finger-wide black ribbon lay on the clown's body as the dough changed. Shallow summer silence looked at the clown with a little puzzlement, but the clown blindfolded his eyes with layers of ribbons and tied them tightly behind his head. I don't want to see you unhappy, and I don't want to see you bleeding. Please don't make a sound, okay? The clown's soft voice sounded in the shallow summer silence ear. The next moment, the clown firmly grasped the floating sword beside him and said, "You chose me. It doesn't matter whether the king recognizes me or not. The important thing is that you are willing to use your power to give me?" Although the sword is not a real emperor's resentment for the time being, it is still conscious, and the moment it is grasped by the clown, it trembles slightly as if it understood its words, making a buzzing sound. Dead woman, come on, let's see how strong you are. The clown lost his vision, but accurately raised his sword and pointed to the shallow summer silence. This battle is inevitable, the sword can be so more can explain the possibility of the clown to get the emperor's resentment increased, shallow summer silence in any case must stop all this. She is not as gifted as the clown, the fight must rely on all kinds of skills, only the moment to add the state of all appear on the body, the effect of Shenjian is also forced to let the clown's blood blue appear in the eyes of shallow summer silence. It was the first time she had used the sealed magic weapon, because she had to take down the Joker as fast as she could. The room is not big, the arrow must be able to cause some damage to the clown, the moment of breaking away from the string, the clown's mouth emerged a smile,gold heap leaching, a white figure ran directly to the shallow summer silence. Without the slightest evasion, he took the attack of the arrow piercing the clouds, and the air was filled with a touch of blood. ore-magnetic-mining.com