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The thin monkey held the ball out with both hands, because all the nearest thin monkeys naturally saw it clearly. There is a card floating in it, which is a source card if I guess correctly. The power of the source card is well known, holding a source card in hand, the thin monkey is inevitably a little too excited. However, the thin monkey still put up with a few more eyes and put it in front of Liu Qing. It's another source card, and I'm a little excited to face the source card. Liu Qing reached out to take the ball, the surface of the ball slowly became clear, and finally completely disappeared. A white card hung on Liu Qing's hand. The source gas of the sphere just now is only a little stronger than the first-order white source crystal. But only Liu Qing is clear that the source gas contained in the ball is far more pure than that contained in the source crystal. After absorbing the source gas of the two source cards, Liu Qing can feel that he has a very clear enhancement. You know, Liu Qing has just broken through the six-liter evolutionist. Every breakthrough has to be absorbed for a long time. When the source gas reaches the next height, the next breakthrough can be completed. Moreover, the intensifier only needs a simple source of Qi, and Liu Qing faintly feels that the evolutionist needs a kind of mechanism. And this kind of machine can be felt, and it really can't be said. When the ball faded, revealing the source card inside,medium duty racking, there was another exclamation around it. Source Card: Material Card Black iron (one star white) Quality: 5 Introduction: Iron hand zombie special mutation iron hand generated by the iron. Function: Can be used to build equipment. A material card.. But also good, iron hand zombie mutation out of the iron hand of iron. The hard iron hands of the Iron Hand Zombie are not comparable to the material in the earth. However, the casting table is still cooling down, and it will take a few days before it can be used. I'll take this source card first. Liu Qing did not say to keep it, but accepted it directly. After all, the source card is different from the source crystal,automated warehouse systems, and Liuqing is really needed. They reluctantly looked at the flow of green put away the source card, but they thought of the source crystal will be satisfied. Besides, they can't use the source card now. Only the evolutionist can mobilize the source gas to activate the source card. Ho ho ho! Boom, boom, boom! "The next wave of corpses is coming. Speed up the processing and prepare the battlefield for battle." The process of cutting open the Iron Hand Zombie is really enjoyable, but it also wastes too much time. Even if they want to continue to see, they can only throw themselves into the battlefield of sorting out. Thin monkey also quickened the movement of the hand, will be the rest of all the iron hand zombies are disposed of. Finally, a total of 8 first-order white source crystals and a one-star white source card were obtained, and the harvest was good. A middle-aged man, who seemed to be nearly fifty, teardrop pallet racking ,asrs warehouse, ran out of the cinema in a panic, with blood all over his hands. Liu Qing, boss! The middle-aged man gave a very natural cry, which could be heard from the bottom of his heart. Liu Qing turned around and looked at the middle-aged man running towards him, feeling that the middle-aged man looked a little familiar. But should not be the relatives of Liuqing, just a simple feeling where to see. The middle-aged man was covered with white carrion, and his face was so dirty that he could not see his face clearly. But after the middle-aged man walked in thoroughly, Liu Qing froze for a moment. Dr. Li Ming! The middle-aged man panted and ran to Liuqing and was about to open his mouth, but he didn't expect Liuqing to open his mouth first. Li Ming saw the worship in Liu Qing's eyes and was stunned for a moment. If this is before the end of the world, this is just a very common thing for Li Ming. Maybe Li Ming won't look at this young man more. But now, Li Ming feels flattered. Li Ming was an authoritative physician and professor before the end of the world. Even in the whole of China, it enjoys a great reputation. But the source gas has completely disrupted the earth's magnetic field and changed the genes of the human body. I can't keep up with a lot of previous knowledge. Now all the doctors are completely helpless in front of the zombie virus, so the doctor gradually faded out of sight. No matter how good a doctor you are, I can kill you for a piece of bread. Previously, under Fu Yi, he did not get any attention at all. However, although Li Ming is almost over fifty years old, Li Ming relies on his familiarity with the inside of his body. Fluke became an enhancer and is now a powerful seven-liter enhancer. So under Fu Yi, he didn't suffer much.
However, the skills learned before are not useful at all, which is a very suffocating thing for an authoritative doctor professor. As soon as Liu Qing spoke, Li Ming jumped out happily and became the leader of the temporary medical team. Looking at Li Ming's flattered appearance, Liu Qing was stunned for a while. But I soon realized that the world is different now. But Liu Qing's eyes are bright again, the end of the world is coming, so that many people in order to survive is a very difficult problem. So about the previous identity and the skills they belong to, they become useless things. Just like Li Ming in front of us, a medical professor. Before the end of the world, how many people want to curry favor with the characters. No matter how rich you are, you can't avoid getting sick. Therefore, it is inevitable to know an authoritative doctor. But now, Liu Qing has the strength, so he has become the object of fawning on others. In this world dominated by source gas, many skills have lost their place of use. But Liu Qing's heart is very clear, and he has talents with high-end skills. In many ways, they know more than others, and they are all pyramid figures in various fields. And these skills must be useful. Just like the diversion terrain that blocks the tide of corpses, a college student can think of it. Then those real architects must be able to create better artificial terrain. It's just that they may still be worried about survival and food and clothing. That is to say,industrial racking systems, there are talents everywhere now, and they are within reach. Maybe one day you meet a beggar-like person, who is a talent in a certain field. (End of this chapter) Chapter 219 a clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. kingmoreracking.com