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She looked fixedly at Joseph, her eyes shining, and suddenly raised her lips and chuckled, silently and indescribably sullen and resentful: "You, and your princess, I curse you both!"! I curse you to be deceived by those who value you, betrayed by those who love you, and abandoned by the whole world! I curse you to live in pain and regret forever, to be immersed in loneliness and loneliness all your life, and to have no peace and happiness in this life! Word by word, the slow and misty voice seemed to come from the distant past, piercing the air with an eerie rhythm and striking Joseph's heart. He was so frightened and nervous that his whole body was stiff and cold, and his eyes widened involuntarily. The beautiful girl with black hair and black eyes suddenly raised her hand and crossed the complicated and strange patterns in the air, quickly and fiercely: Master of the world of nothingness, God of destiny, I pray to you! Please curse this man and woman, deprive her of what she has, and destroy what he wants! These two people are doomed to betray their relatives! Destined to be spurned by the one you love! Destined to be tortured, painful and desperate, fragmented, and never free! Vicious words flowed faintly from the mouth of the pure and beautiful girl, and her voice suddenly became deep and hoarse, revealing a very dark and mysterious. In that pair of cold black eyes,secondary containment pallet, fierce, fiery anger, suddenly, two drops of bright red tears slowly flowing down from the corner of the eye, winding across the white jade cheeks, splashing dust with a tick, like a sad and gorgeous blood plum. What kind of trick is this! Is it really the curse of the legendary nemesis? Joseph's hair stood on end and his face went white with fear. Unexpectedly, he stepped back a few steps. Even Flona, who boasted of her ruthlessness,plastic pallet suppliers, was frightened, and there was a surge of fear in her heart. By the time they came to their senses, Dylan had jumped into his spirit pet. The giant vulture suddenly spread its wings and disappeared in the sky in an instant. Xu Tian, please don't die. I just want to see you one last time.. I have been my childhood sweetheart since I can remember, and the long companionship of more than ten years has already turned into a reluctant fetter. Please don't leave me! The vulture seems to know the mood of its master. Like an arrow from the bow, it sped up and flew across the dark night sky in an instant towards the inn in the city. Dylan couldn't help straightening up and looking at the milky white building. He was there, she knew, he was there! "Oh, all this blood.". Do I have to clean him up? Outside the door, Biling rubbed a rag in his hand and muttered something he didn't know what to say. The blood witch laughed maliciously. "Why don't you let me.." "No!" Biling refused her proposal, "If you take advantage of teacher Xutian, teacher Dylan will torture me crazy in the future." Dylan? Is it the little lover of the handsome blonde? The blood witch's eyes were engraved with the word "gossip", but in the blink of an eye it turned into an ambiguous one. "She, what kind of woman is she?" Bi Ling looked at her alertly. This guy is a man and a woman. Don't take a fancy to teacher Dylan, right? "Boom!" Suddenly there was a noise in the room. As soon as Biling pushed the door, he froze: "Is it teacher Dylan?!" "Ah, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, ah, this is the little lover?" The blood witch looked at the baby-faced pure girl with great interest and said, "Pure girl, lovely, I see pity.." He dragged the lecherous ghost beside him out of the house. Biling conveniently closed the door. Xutian! Dylan looked at the blonde man covered in blood on the bed and couldn't help crying, "I'm late.." No heartbeat, no breathing. Xu Tian, he's really dead! Suddenly, his mind was in a mess, and Dylan felt his world collapse in an instant, as if everything in front of him would lose its color, leaving only a sad darkness. It was a long time before she could move her body and suddenly throw herself on the rising sky. "Wow," he cried out. " How did you.. Cried A hoarse voice suddenly sounded in the room. The body, lying upright on the bed, suddenly moved. Whoo, whoo, the rising sky.
Don't you die. Buried in the arms of the "corpse", Dylan did not realize that someone was talking, "Xutian, I love you, I love you, please don't leave me alone, please don't abandon me early!" She held him, shook her head desperately, and wailed. Tears splashed on her pale cheeks and bloodstained body, hot but cold, as if engraved in her deep feelings. Idiot The soft voice came clearly into his ears, and Dylan reacted with a shock and looked up in a daze. The always annoying "disaster" face was smiling in front of her eyes, a handsome face close at hand, with infinite tenderness between eyebrows and eyes, vivid and vivid. Xu Tian, you, you're not dead? Asked stupidly, Dylan suddenly grabbed his arm and bit it. "Does it hurt?"? Am I dreaming? "Ouch!" The rising sky screamed in a low voice. "If you want to test whether you are dreaming, shouldn't you bite yourself, Dylan?" "I'm really not dead!" The double black girl was ecstatic, and the baby's face, which had just been in tears, instantly turned into a smile like a flower. Xu Tian smiled, raised his hand and gently stroked the tears from her cheeks. "Yes, I'm still alive, Dylan." "Xu Tian." Dylan sniffed and tried to get up from each other, but the cunning underbelly black man would not miss this great opportunity. He put his arms around her and pressed her back on himself. "Remember, what did you say just now?" I, I said.. Don't you die. Dylan's eyes drooped and she suddenly felt shy. My God, what did she just say? This damn guy is really not a good man, playing dead scared her out of her wits, hurt her heart, but now only thinking about that sentence! That sentence.. As soon as Dylan thought of it, she was so ashamed that she wanted to go down to the ground. Her pure face was red, and she could not squeeze out a word for a long time. Dylan. Calling her name softly,plastic pallet containers, the blond man's eyes became surprisingly gentle. Tightening his arms and holding his slender body in his arms, he called over and over again, "Dylan.." Two furtive figures flashed outside the window and disappeared in the blink of an eye. binpallet.com