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but also suitable for concave shape. Generally speaking, the pink floral skirt is the most popular. After all, pink has a strong sense of aging, representing fantasy and romance. However, pink also has its disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it is black. It is not suitable for sisters with yellow and black skin. If you want to be white, you should avoid it as far as possible. It is only suitable for women with white skin and good temperament.For sisters with good figure, you can definitely consider using the suspender dress to show your figure. After all, the suspender dress will expose pirate costume Halloween costumes school girl costume little black dress little white dress overbust corset plus size pajama yoga clothes Christmas costume most of the white skin of the wearer, thus showing a sense of beauty. Therefore, it is recommended that slim sisters try. If you have the problem of shoulder slip, narrow shoulder, and too developed trapezius, you are likely to look like a bear. In this way, the aesthetic feeling will be greatly reduced.The extremely thin slip dress is more test for the wearer's figure.